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Píldora 8 – Consejos básicos para presentarse a un premio literario

20 Sep 2013, 8:00 am

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up to 7 years old

First readings for small childrens, all of them illustrated.

up to 13 years old

Books for children included in the series of The Tribe of Camelot and Emi and Max.

up to 17 years old

Fiction books for young people and also the collection of Carlota's diaries, which mix fiction and nonfiction.

over 18 years old

Books for adults, from novels and collected articles, to essays... and even a cookbook.

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  • (Català) Diguin el que diguin
  • Malditos matones
  • (Català) El blog de la Malika
  • El esqueleto emparedado

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